Orki Introduction

Legends of Orki People

Orki Introduction

We used to call them ogres. A long time ago, in our childhood as humans, at the dawn of our existence, they were the enemies.

We saw them no less than demons, for they had mastered magical powers. Powers we did not understand. Powers we feared and, indeed, envied. We used to live in their vicinity, always vary, always looking over our shoulders...always spying. We were strangely attracted to them,yet strangely rejecting any attempt to get closer or understand their kind.

We used to tell stories, and the stories were dark and filled with terrors. They were the monsters that snatched children out of their beds. They were the beasts that ravaged villages and slaughtered thousands. They were the witches that sold humans to the Devil. They eat human flesh. They were evil.

They had to be destroyed!

The ogres disappeared. But the name lived on. Our children grew with the stories, and so did the children of our children. The ogres stayed in legend, as something long gone, mere metaphors for evil, simple myths. People felt safer and begun to forget.

But people should always remember that every myth has a tiny seed of truth in it.

The Birth of the World