Face Value


Face Value 

Scam., (Slang) Noun.

Confidence trick, Swindle

A Scam, […] is a form of deceit, whereby the actor extracts money or valuable goods from someone. It is simultaneously denounced as a crime, and seen as an art form. To many, it is a great risk, but the ingenuity which so-called scam artists use in their plans is apparently a source of admiration to many as well. (

Greetings, dear reader.

Isn’t it a wondrous thing how by reading these words you are inadvertently wandering into my world? Welcome.

And thank you.

I hereby would like to invite you to join me on a journey. This would be the journey I made over this last year; one of mixed feelings, a journey to the summit and beyond. I hope that you’ll allow me to take you with me.

I do have to warn you. At times, it will be coarse, and blunt. At other times it will rather be deeply emotional; philosophical even - in other words, I will sound slightly inebriated or high. Whatever the case: I am all of these people, and hereby would like to apologize for all of them in advance. When I use violent words I merely hope that through this paper and ink – or through this screen - you will be able to feel what I feel, taste the blood that I taste. When I go deep, I hope you will understand just why I feel what I feel. Why we feel it. It might even become – if only ever so slightly – more clear to you what is real and what is not, in this world. Welcome to the world of Face Value.


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