muffled loudly

muffled loudly

muffled loudly

I taste it! I taste it!

The metallic taste of blood on my tongue!

I want to spit it out but i can’t!!!

There is too much!

Too much.

Too much of it to swallow.

It sprays on me!
Make it stop!!

I want to rip the veins in my arms!

Or peel them out, ripping them from under my skin!

I hate it!!!

I hate everything!

I want to pluck out my teeth like pomegranate seeds!

I want to grind them against one another until they all break!

Symphonies upon symphonies,

All tuning their throats to my misery.

I wonder if they enjoy it.

I wonder if they can taste the metallic taste as I do right now.

It isn’t mine.

I’m drowning!

The weight is too much!

I need water!

Help me!

Help me!

The weight broke my neck.