The Best Drug


I still remember the evening; but, the evening is all I remember. The rest is a conscious daze.

My twenty something old self was sprawled on the bank, with feet making ripples in the cold river. My happiest hour of another barely tolerable day.

I was high. Sailing over silky clouds and taming dragons. My soul screamed ecstasy and blood rejoiced in sync. This illusion was my space. This bliss, as I gazed upon myself from an eighth dimension without regret. This one hour, when I felt complete.

“Heroin?” A voice asked.

Annoyed by this intrusion, I moaned a disfigured curse.

“No issues, young man. I was an addict once", it said.

“Go to the gallows."

“This’ll gently drive you mad.”

“Madness is better than reality.”

“I admit so”.

“Why don’t you leave me alone?” I screamed at the hazy figure. My eyes saw orbs and veiled women when I tried rolling them.

“There is a better drug, young man. That’s Life. Embrace it.”

“Life shattered me.”

“Then repay it!”

When I woke up sober, there wasn’t a soul around. I wondered if the man was just another figment. Another glossy dream.