The Bloody Revenge

The Bloody Revenge

The Bloody Revenge

Clap! Clap!

No, it’s not an applause but an attempt to murder! The clap alerted us however the quick succession of claps meant either one of us is injured or even worse. Hiding behind the curtains I looked around to ensure all of us were safe.   

“Oh Lisa, Was it you! Get off the floor before he sees you.” I cried.

“I am unable to. My legs are hurt.” she moaned. “My wings too.”

Hardly did she complete her sentence when the murderer saw her on the floor. Mercilessly, he trampled her under his foot.

My heart cringed for my little sister. He sucked the life out of her; I shall suck his blood.

I tiptoed next to him and pierced my dagger into his foot.   

I smile victoriously. Done with my revenge, I try to fly but my wings fail me. I panic as all I have are few seconds. I have to fly to safety before he realizes my revenge. I try hard but today my wings fail to pull off my doubled up weight.

Painfully, I crawl up the nearby wall.

He has realized the harm inflicted, irritated he scratches the spot and looks around for me.

“Don’t dirty your hands with blood” I overhear.

I can see my death, my heart sinks! My wings…they try harder but in vain.

“Let’s electrocute the mosquito” with an evil smile his five year old hands him the bat.

I close my eyes; “Lisa, Here I come after you”!