What Dreams Do Dreamers See at Night?


I stood in front of the poster until the sun baked me to the pavement. Hot air balloons floated through the glossy paper, promising “UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES”. Dozens of colorful giants suspended in a sapphire blue sky, the horizon stretched out far below them.

This was my dream. Ever since my grandpa passed away, I wanted to take my grandma there. To have the gaping chasm in her heart shrink away with the earth as we floated up and up until there was nothing but sky and stars and awe.

That night, I barely slept. I dreamt of being chained up to my apartment wall. I tugged at the chain locked around my throat and saw that it was made of money. A hundred folded dollar bills.

I tried to take a step but the links began disappearing. I was tugged back to the wall. Forced back until there was ten dollars left chaining me to my place. I writhed against their vicelike grip and shuddered awake. My heart rammed against my chest. Thud, thud. Sweat dampened my neck.


The next morning, I checked my balance: $10.58 left.

I didn’t linger by the poster that day.

But my dream did.