Those Dog's Days

Those Dog's Days

Those Dog's Days

The day they left, my world turned to grey.

She smiled, clutching my face between her trembling fingers. He couldn’t spare me a single glance as he turned his back on me, leaving the house.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I have to go.”

The honk of a car forced her hands to let go. I tried to call out for her one last time, but my efforts were in vain. A key turned, locking me in this prison without escape.

The scarce rations of food only lasted for so long. Eventually, my aching stomach left me no choice but to resume my attempts to escape. I started screaming, hoping my voice would reach the neighbours, but no one came to my rescue.

With the last of my strenght, I managed to drag myself to the dusty couch. I rested my head on the soft pillows, waiting for Death to pay its last visit.

Death never came, and I succumbed to my dreams. Only when their voices reached my ears, I lifted up my head to greet them.

“For God’s sake... Honey! The dog is on the couch again.”

“Let him be. Come and help me with these groceries.”

Finally, I’m saved.