The Colorful Graveyard

The Colorful Graveyard

The Colorful Graveyard

“R.I.P. - Gracious Selfless Soul” read the epitaph on her tombstone. Underneath, she lay at rest but unfortunately not at peace.

She stood in the Chamber Of Justice, where a reviewing kaleidoscope of her life flashed 77 murders.

“I really haven’t. Please don’t send me to hell”, she pleaded as a blindfolded Justitia carrying a balanced scale and a sword, smiled at her ignorance. 

“Let go of your fear based theology. Here, you, yourself, are the victim, the jury and the judge” she assured. “Would you like to visit your innocent victims?” questioned Justitia in a soothing voice.

She hesitantly nodded a “yes” and a door opened into a cold grey graveyard. As she walked inside, in an oblivious daze, she noticed several multicoloured tombstones. She stiffened and her conscience felt a twinge of guilt, as she read the epitaph on each of them.

Every tombstone stood for a dream she had once dreamt, but was eventually killed by petty pursuits of life. For all her aspirations and free-spirited desires, that were strangled by self-doubt and procrastination.

Her unpursued dreams, that lay buried beneath the vibrant tombstones, pricked hard and her soul cried hue-less tears, of her once colourful dreams!