Love Under the Moonlight

The River's Love

Love Under the Moonlight

The River delved into a dream. His spirit rose in the air and smelled the meadow. the wet soil produced the best perfume. Someone held his hand, and he turned back to see the spirit of the Meadow, her lush green hair flowing down to mingle with the grass. 

He sighed. He wished it were true. He prepared for his nightly journey. He would again touch the Meadow, hold hands with her. But he wanted more.

The Moon said, "Be satisfied with what you have. Tampering with fate can often be dangerous." The River listened in silence. true, he was brimming with water, but his soul was thirsty. 

Finally, he chalked out a plan. Let the worse happen. Tonight, he would unite with his Lady Love. A fish whispered his plans to a blade of grass of the Meadow. She danced in joy.

So that night, they met. But they went beyond the limits.

Alas, the story doesn't end with a "happily ever after".

The River couldn't help but change his course, drowning the Meadow. And the Meadow rushed to the space the River had emptied.

They couldn't meet. The Moon smiled at their misadventure.