Untitled chapter


Untitled chapter

The bride stared at her tall, charming and black suited groom.

 She gifted him a stunning black wallet, the groom gifted her a RED ROSE and said, "I’ll never leave you until the ROSE dies."

She was baffled by his words. Those words were like needles in her heart. 

"How could this flower live so long like a wedding," said to herself compulsively. She hoped this to be a wild DREAM.

She didn’t ask anything from him, just smiled with tears trickling down the cheeks.

Years rolled by, but the bright red rose stayed there. It looked same like the day it was gifted to her. 

 But still, she didn’t ask anything.

After four decades, when her husband was ill, almost on death bed, she finally asked him,"how does that flower survive so long?

The old feeble man smiled and said,

 "I promised you that I’ll never leave you until the flower dies. So I used to buy a rose daily and replace the old one before you wake up."

She started crying. 

She looked at the ROSE. It was weak and almost dead.

"Sorry, I couldn’t replace the rose today."