Bliss? Love isn't! ❤


His love shone in his eyes and her smile replicated it. This is how a new love story begun. Pritham and Shayra were the cutest couple of college. His dimple and her smile was people's favorite duet. 

Priyra(their couple name) first met at a party. They were introduced by a mutual friend Raghav and seemed to like each other. Through social media they got in touch with each other and became good friends. Unknowingly they joined the same college. And now the journey from good friends to lovers is known!

Everything was going fine......they had the regular couple fights (which make bonds stronger kind of ones) and shone like stars the very other day. They would do everything together. Pritham loved Shayra immensely. He hardly asked for anything but he was missing out some space. Having your loved one around you all the time does keep your schedule uptight. Though Pritham never regretted it, it would disappoint him somewhere deep within. 

Pritham was a tall and charming man. His dark brown hair would wavily fall over his gleaming black eyes. He was perfect with a well built up body and great personality.

On the other hand Shayra was a Disney princess with curly and long black hair. Her blush could gloom up the area for long enough that the night vanishes. Her naughtiness added to her beauty. 

With all the charm and love, our pretty lovebirds started on a beautiful journey together where they tested each other in all the ways to strengthen their bond. 

Their love was tender and fresh, like a new blossom. Everything seemed perfect. But as days went by college came to an end. It's seemed harder to imagine life without the other. But time moved on....

They had different plans. He got a seat in his desired MBA college and she went abroad to complete her MS. Their relationship turned into a long distance one where they had to survive on phone calls, messages and video calls. Pritham would Skype her every morning before they left for their colleges and once after they returned too. It looked like they would work it out. But their hectic schedules decreased the communication between them. Soon they started doubting their relationship. Everyone does at a moment or another! Pritham tried his best to prove it to her that they were meant to be together and so did Shayra. They tried in their best ways to be together. 

With a lot number of obstacles being cleared, the two years ended.....painfully and successfully!

Pritham and Shayra were placed in good firms. And now came the time when they were supposed to decide "their" future together. Pritham, knowing the answer, hesitated to propose. The main problem was yet to come. Shayra belonged to a well known Muslim family and Pritham, to a Hindu family. Their families never knew about their love. Their education was away from their families and could be maintained a secret but now it was high time. 

Their families did not agree for an inter-religion marriage even after successive trails by Pritham and Shayra. They were heartbroken but their families were very important to them. They decided to stay away from each other for their families.

Years passed.... They did not try to contact each other. They did not even know whether the other had moved on or not. 

You remember Raghav? Their Cupid! The sole reason they met. He comes back into play. Shayra and Raghav were childhood friends. He heard everything which was going on from her but remained quiet understanding their situation but he couldn't bear seeing his friend in such conditions. To Shayra, her life became a nightmare which Pritham had been replacing with dreams all these days. The initial days of their "departure" were miserable for her. She had sleepless nights and restless days. Soon Shayra left India. The thought of being around him and not with him killed her. Leaving India did not make much difference though. He was always in her heart. She would wake up crying to her nightmares like her hand being left by a wickedly smiling evil man and she, falling off the cliff. Here the cruel man wasn't Pritham. They were her problems, her thoughts, her feelings, the depth in her pain...

On the other side our Pritham was no better. He was a very sensible man. His depression did not wave path to become an alcoholic, smoker or a drug addict. Pritham kept the promises he had given his heart, his Shayra.

Raghav finds himself miserable seeing Shayra that way. He had always loved her. Though he was the reason they met, he never knew he would lose Shayra.   He would prefer them together rather than her grief. Raghav didn't want to play the villain where he could take an advantage of her sorrow and replace Pritham because he understood that it's not possible. If a person could get so upset without her soulmate, it justifies the immense love she has for him which cannot be shared or given to somebody else.

Raghav, back on his cupid job, tries his level best to get them back in contact but fails. So he decides on throwing a party again. Shayra is reluctant to come but on being forced she agrees. She flies back to India. It was really tough knowing that his party had the best of memories for her. 

Pritham and Raghav had been friends through the parties they went. When Pritham was invited, he immediately accepted having the smallest hope that he would get to see her from at least a distance. Three days later, the party night arrives......

Pritham had became the reason Shayra tried to look beautiful. She wanted to look flawless and perfect for him all the years which are now only a part of her thoughts. Now, she could not find reasons to dress well and look pretty. For her, it was only his eyes which could make her feel like an angel. It was worthless now. Like any other girl, seeing herself good looking brings a small smile on her face. With all these thoughts she walks out from her shower. She picks a dress from her party wear collection and puts it on with a mild texture of lipstick. Her eyeliner enhances her eyes even more that a man would want to drown into them. She brushes her hair and leaves them open like Pritham loved it. Her stone white earrings perfectly matched her dress making an outshining appearance. Black high heels end her look and there she is, looking magnificently beautiful in her sleeveless black frock which came till the mid of her thighs with the prettiest imprinted flower design on it. She rarely wore such clothes. As she belonged to a Muslim family, she was always covered with a burkha which made only her gorgeous eyes appear. Pritham wears a white shirt with black formal pants and a well fit tux to go with which Shayra had picked for him for one of his meetings. The tux lined with his muscles. He combed his messy brown hair, wore his tie and shoes and was now ready to leave. He gets into his car and drives over to Shayra's. Halfway he realizes that it no more were those days where he would pick her up to parties. He takes a U-turn and makes way to the party.


Shayra and Pritham make it to the party on time. Pritham meets Raghav but is still unaware about Shayra's whereabouts. Their eyes secretly search for the other but fail to find each other. Raghav was a pretty popular DJ of the city and this, being his party had a lot of crowd. Our cupid plans games secretively. One of the games was that any two people on whom the flash light shall fall would have to dance together. And then guess what happened? No, it wasn't them. Several other people danced before they got their turn. Raghav didn't want to make it look like it was his plan.

  The flash light falls on Pritham and Shayra making the entire crowd turn towards them. They were at a distance and could not see each other. Forcefully, they walk towards the dance floor. As they step forward to see their partner, her eyes glow. A smile which wasn't seen in the past few years seems to take its place back on her lips. Her cheeks are pushed up by an unknown force. She tries resisting but blushes. Pritham mirrors her smile and his dimple beautifies it. Their heart beat increases and time stops.....they are completely lost in one another when the music starts and they are back in their senses. Pritham holds her hands and their dance begins. They are very shy to even move but looking into each other's eyes they let their bodies free and go with the music. The dance pose is changed to his hand being placed on her hip and her hand on his shoulder, the other hands together. They dance beautifully with the love song playing in the background. No words exchange as they stare at each other like never before. The music stops after a while and it felt like the shortest time.... They had to force themselves to move away from their partner. It was hard. The connected hand remains.... Neither of them was willing to let go. They walked out of the party still immersed in each other's eyes. Their eyes still not leaving each other, they stop at a place with a good lighting and greenary. Pritham turns towards Shayra and the following conversation takes place:

Pritham : you look stunning Shay! *Blush*(hesitation)

Shayra : *blush* so do you....

Pritham : aahh (shy smile with his hand behind his neck in a confused way) I missed you

Shayra : Me too....hmm...so how's life? How's your job? Are you still working at the same place? (Inner questions- did you move on? Do you still love me?) 

Pritham : I am fine. Hmm...yes am still working there. What about you? (Inner feeling- yes, I love you. Please tell me you didn't move on). By the way are you still using the same number?

Shayra : I am doing well. I wasn't satisfied with my work and recently   joined a course in fashion designing ( trust me, this is only to keep me from thinking about you, I still love you). Yeah, the same number....

Pritham : that's great!

(Meanwhile, Raghav walks over and hugs Shayra in a welcoming gesture. She smiles back to greet him.)

Pritham feeling disappointed, walks away bidding them goodbyes.

The next morning, Shayra wakes up with the brightest of her smiles feeling relieved to have seen him. The first thing she does is text Pritham a good morning :). He responds immediately. Pritham is still disturbed with the thought that maybe Shayra moved on but his only relief is talking to Shayra, that's all that really mattered to him then. The starting conversations remained awkward not knowing what to talk. Soon they spoke like buddies who met after years. Feelings remained unspoken. 

By this time, seeing Pritham's condition his family had accepted Shayra. The same wasn't the case with Shayra's family. One fine day, Pritham invited her home. She got ready in her favorite traditional attire with a matching bindi(sticker), footwear and earrings with a touch of light make up consisting of eyeliner, mascara, a cream and a blush. She wore the bracelet which Pritham had gifted her while they were dating and of course left her hair loose the way he loved it. She reached his house and was heartily welcomed by his mom. Shayra loved the house. Pritham wasn't home that moment but would be there in a few minutes. That was what she was told by his mother. Shayra was shown the house by Pritham's sister Aarohi. Aarohi left Shayra on her own once they entered Pritham's room. His room was colored blue with posters of all his favorite football players to one side and Shayra's on the other. He had a beautiful collection of all the moments they spent together. Shayra was in tears....there was also their favorite photo framed and kept by the side of the bed. She sat on the bed holding it in her hands and recollecting all the memories.

Pritham entered the room to see her crying. He rushes to her to wipe her tears. Pritham falls to his knees before her, and places his hands on her cheeks trying to comfort her. He hugs her. She holds onto him as she stops crying and whispers into his ears, "I love you Pritham". To this his hands hold on tighter and he whispers back, "I love you too". After a while they drift apart a little, their faces a few centimeters away. They stare at each other for some time. This silence was beautiful. He stands up and takes a place next to her on the bed. He kisses her on the forehead and promises to be there for her always. They sense their bond much stronger than before. To this, she closes her eyes as if not fearing what is going to happen next. He moves closer to her, their hearts beating faster than ever but now together! And he kisses her....for the first time and their hearts seem to stop for that very moment. It was the best thing that has ever happened to them before.

Pritham and Shayra are much more determined to stay together for the rest of their lives. Their love for each other has increased over the years....

With all thoughts randomly going on in her head, she leaves from his house, greeting everyone. She decides to walk home until she could find an auto. On her way, she meets Raghav who insists on dropping her home which she declines. Shayra wanted to be on her own at this moment. She was too happy to express. She is lost in her dream world with her prince charming when from nowhere a car comes and hits her. She did not notice she was crossing the road. She falls down on to the ground bleeding heavily. People crowd around her staring at her. An old man in his 70s being a gentleman takes her to the hospital immediately. Shayra's family reaches the hospital in a few hours. Being in the different city, traveling does take time. They were horrified to see her in that condition. Shayra was critical. Her head had been injured and she had lost a lot of blood. Her uncle having the same blood group could donate blood to her. 

A few hours later....

Pritham was still unaware of the fact. Raghav on getting the news from Shayra's family informs Pritham immediately who runs to the hospital unconsciously. Shayra's parents did not like his presence but remained quite in order to maintain the decency of the hospital. Shayra was still unconscious but was said to be safe now. Pritham stayed by her throughout. On waking up the first name Shayra had taken was of Pritham. Her family was disturbed but ignored as at that point of time all they needed was her well being. The doctors told her family to give her bed rest for a few days. For those few days Pritham requested her family to stay at his place. They blindly refused. Shayra after flying back to India stayed at a hotel for a few days as she had come only for the party to this city and was soon going to her hometown so she couldn't be kept in the hotel in this condition because the doctors suggested a homely atmosphere. On her request, her family agreed to stay at Pritham's. 

Her entire family was warmly welcomed and made comfortable. Shayra was given the prettiest room in the house with all the medical facilities made available. Pritham did not leave Shayra for a second. He was too worried. Considering the fact that her family wouldn't be fine with him being around her all the time, he would leave the room for a few hours when her family was around but would sit by her side throughout the night holding her hand to make sure he wouldn't miss out any of her emergency needs. Pritham's mom would cook all her favorite dishes and Aarohi would gossip around for hours.

Raghav would come by sometimes to see Shayra and had become good friends with Aarohi. Shayra loved being around Pritham's family so much that she did not regret her accident. Not only Pritham's mom and Shayra, but Shayra's mom was also able to bond well.

Shayra's parents were pleased by how soon their daughter was recovering being around Pritham and his family. Not only Pritham, but his mom took care of Shayra like she took care of Aarohi.

Seeing this and how having different cultures could not decrease the love between them, Shayra's parents realised that love is way beyond caste and religion. It has no limits and that their daughter reached the right place.

A few years later....

Raunak : Mom, am home!

Mom : Hi dear, freshen up and go to your room. Your school friends are here.

(Raunak goes to his room)

Raunak : hello everyone....(hugs his friends)

Friends : hi! Hey! Hello! How are you?....

(After a casual chat)

Friend : Am bored buddy, tell me a story.....Raunak: okay, I have got one....so here goes

His love shone in his eyes and her smile replicated it..............................................................It has no limits and that their daughter reached the right place....

*Knock knock*

Dad : hey buds, what's going on?

Raunak : I was just telling them your..(Mom interrupts, she calls from the kitchen..)

Mom : Pritham, Raghav and Aarohi are here. 

Dad : I ll be right there, Shayra darling :)

Raunak: So guys, the story I told you now was of my parents, Pritham and Shayra.