25th Of December

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25th Of December

Here I stand beside your man.
He’s smiling while waiting for you.
I can see in his eyes,
He’s so in love with you.
Everyone’s happy,
But I don’t feel the same way.
I feel hurt.

The door opened.
I saw you smiling.
You started to walk slowly towards me.
I can see love and happiness in your eyes.
This is the moment I’ve been waiting for,
To see you walking slowly...
Wearing a white gown.

But you just looked at me and smiled.
I forgot,
I’m not your man anymore.
You hugged him tight,
And told him those three words
I heard from you before.
The two of you walked towards Father.
It actually hurts to see you,
Happily in love with someone else already.

Both of you said those vows.
I should be the one saying that to you.
I should be the one standing right next to you,
And I should be the one...
Putting a ring on your finger.

“I do.”
Those words...
I should be the one saying that with you.
I cried,
Not because I’m weak.
It’s because I’ve been strong...
For too long.

I should’ve stayed at your side.
I should’ve not left.
Regrets is always in the end.

At the 25th day of December,
The day we became a couple.
The day I left you.
The day I want you back.
The day of you,
Being married to someone...
And that someone is not me.q


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