At the Water's edge

Epitome of Elegance, Lake Eufala

At the Water's edge

I stared down into the glistening blue waters of the Lake. Shades of red, orange, and pink of the heart-warming sunset danced on its surface. My toes were buried in the golden sand of the lakeshore, as I stood facing the faraway horizon. Large green trees surrounded me and I could hear the chirping of the birds as they played gracefully upon the tree tops.

Small waves rippled across the surface of the water, splashing against my feet. The gentle touch of the wind ruffled my hair oh so gently. The trees swayed in a quiet rhythm, back and forth.

Then suddenly it struck me - "nothing lasts forever." It would be such a shame to see this natural water resource being polluted by human hand – which is a common occurrence – and I started thinking about different ways to preserve the perfect beauty of Lake Eufala that it was.

The residents around Eufala could start by picking up litter off the sandy shore, removing it of trash and waste. They could also prevent waste water being released into the Lake which could greatly harm the fresh water fish. After all the Lake was their home!

People also should take extreme care of the trees that border the Lake. Trees are an essential component of the Water Cycle and they ensure the regular fall of rain every year. So that the Eufala never gets dried up!

There are so many ways we could keep this Lake a glorious wonder for everyone to see, and we'll start by doing it one step at a time!