You should get married

Beautiful Marriage

You should get married


"You want to speak with me mother?" I asked as I entered her office. She was at her desk with her back towards me. She was looking out at the steadily falling snow outside.

She turned and cleared her throat.

"Yes, son please sit." She spins around. She never ever tells me to sit.

Why is she telling me to sit?, As if we are about to discuss a business deal. "Okay," I said softly. She took a sip of the hot chocolate in her hand. I smile when I saw the mug saying 'World's Best Mom'. I got her that mug when I was ten for mother's day. And she has it years later.

"Look son. I'm not getting any younger." She puts down the mug and clasp her had together and places them on the desk. The little grey strands of hair visible at her hairline. But it's just the cause of stress from dealing with a multimillion dollar company.

The crisis that can arrives daily in this company.

"Mom what are you saying. You look so young" I couldn't see a wrinkle on her perfectly edge face.

"I may look young on the outside but my age is slowly climbing up."

"Mom come on. Don't say that" I try to cheer her up. A small smile appeared on her lips.

"I know what you are doing." She mumbled smiling. I raised my eyebrow acting like I didn't know anything.

"Let me get back to what I was saying. You are not getting any younger and I am getting older. So-"

Her speech was cut when my phone begins to ring. I swipe my finger across and end the call when I see the frown on my mom's face. Apparently whatever she has to say is really important.

I looked at the phone and see that my best friend Jai is calling. I will make a note to call him back later.

"Thank you for ending that call." she said.

"You were saying something. Please continue" I pressed her.

"I'm not getting any younger. Soon I will no longer be here. "She paused.

No longer be here.

Is she sick? "Mother are you sick? Tell me you're not dying?" I couldn't deal with the fact of losing my mom. She is my all and my everything.

She let out a humorous laugh. "No son. I'm perfectly healthy. But you know life can turn in some unexpected twists at times."

I agree with her one hundred percent. Today you're here. Tomorrow you're not.

"Let me cut to the chase. It's time for you to get married. Your dad and I need grandchildren. And I'm sure your sister wants to be an aunt." I froze at her words. She got to be kidding me.

I laughed. I let out a loud laughed.

I look at her and her face was serious and I stopped laughing because she wasn't kidding.

"You are serious?" I asked after regaining my composure.

"I am" those words were perfectly formed on her tongue and laced with so much authority. Just like when Jesus said ' I am the Lord thy God' see I know a little from the bible.

Well, that's not the point.

"No, I'm not getting married. I love my life perfectly as it is." That is true. I can go home anytime. No one is there to complain that I am staying in bed too late. No one is there to complain where I put the sugar. No one is there to complain that my place is messy. If I decided to drop my jeans on the ground after I get out of them, no one to nag me that they are picking up after my lazy ass. I'm not ready for any commitment. Not to mention the freedom I have. No, I can't.

"I need grandchildren. I need to see you with your bride holding hands at the altar saying vows" my mom said. She was getting angry but she was controlling it.

"Mom, you have a granddaughter. You daughter Willa who is my sister married a few years back and gave you a granddaughter. Which by the way is three." She didn't flinch. She just blinks her eyes.

"Don't you think I know that? But I want a grandchild from you son." She was starting to get out of her chair but I get up from mine faster.

"This conversation is over," I told her whilst walking towards the door.

"Stop right there young man. You are not going anywhere and you don't get to tell me that this conversation is over. Who do you think you are?"

I am your son. I wanted to say. But I just keep my mouth shut.

"Your father and I think you should get married to Nora. She's-"

Hold up. I can't be hearing right.

"So I should get married and don't even have the pleasure of choosing my bride? That's unbelievable mother. Unbelievable!" the snow phase as pick up outside. It's started to fall harder. It's like the weather is feeling the heat of our conversation and wants to cool it down.

"Nora is prefect for you. She is from a healthy wealthy family. We know her for as long as I can remember. And from what her father tells me, she likes you too. A lot I must say." I have zero percent love for Nora. She beautiful, sweet, funny but she is just a friend. And little Nora isn't that perfect. If only she knew.

"Bitch Nora" I mumbled under my breath.

"What did you just say?" She asked moving from behind her desk.


"I thought so." There was a silence.

I spoke up. "I date girls all the time. I will marry who I want. And right now I don't want to get married." I paused and inhale a thick layer of air for what am about to say. "I AM NOT marrying Nora and that's final"

"You are marrying Nora and that's final." She is now pissing me off. She is my mother so I will keep my respect for her.

"Why chose Nora mom? I date all the time. Remember Dana? You like her" although Dana and I have been over for two years now. Calling her name seems so foreign on my tongue.

"Exactly, I only like Dana which I must say you two are no longer together." this woman is so hard to please. "Your choices in woman now are not suitable for being daughter in law. As in they are not daughter in law material."

"Stop it mother. Don't insult them."

"What your trash? That you keep bringing to your apartment? Those girls are nothing but trash and you know it."

"They are not. I make them happy. They make me happy. We have fun together." I clenched my fist together. "Wearing short dresses and skirt doesn't make them trash. They are human and they have feelings. They deserve love mother"

"What do you see in them? I bet you can't say you love one of them" I kept my mouth shut. This is true.

I don't do love.

"See" she pressed on when she realized I was quite. "You will marry Nora!"

"You can't tell me what to do!" I yelled and stomped my hand on the desk. She flinched and takes a step back.

I wasn't going to hurt her. She's my mother. I'm never putting my hand on a woman.

"Stop it!" She yelled.

"I'm the one who will be sleeping with her every day. I'm the one who will have to kiss her. I'm the one who will be waking up beside her. Not you." I paused and inhaled and exhaled, trying my temper.

I can't even picture myself kissing Nora, much less sleeping with her. I want to gag.

"I don't want to hear that but you will have to make it work"

"There is nothing to work out. I will not marry her and that's final." It seems like she is not getting my point. She's such a persistent woman.

That's why people were scared of her. She won every business deal she tackled.

I'm not afraid of her and today she will be losing this business deal with her son.

Marry Nora. This is a joke.

"Why do you hate her so much?" She asked.

"I do not hate her." That was the truth. "I just don't love her."

"You know if love can turn to hate then you should also know that hate can turn to love!" She yelled at me.

"Oh please, mother. That is ridiculous."

I take a puff from my inhaler. This conversation was working me up and getting on my last nerve.

"Are you okay?" She rushed over to me putting her hand on my shoulder.

"Yes, I'm fine. It's nothing serious" I told her. She was looking at me with concern but I assured her that I'm fine. It's the truth I am fine.

I should have just answered my phone when Jai called up. Maybe that was my get away from this conversation.

"Nora and her parents will be over at the house later to discuss the final arrangement. Your dad will also be there." She went to take up her mug and realized that the chocolate is cold so she puts it down. "Be there at seven."

The tea just got as cold as her heart.

I said in my mind and a small smile creeps on my lips. She doesn't care about me but herself.

"When you get married to Nora, we will merge our company. It will make a lot more money. "

Taking about marriage and money in one sentence is definitely my mother.

"Is this for your business? This is so low of you mother."

"It's not. It's about you getting married and giving me a grandson to bring on our last name. But if I see opportunities why not take it?" Her heels were clicking against the tiled floor as she walked back towards the window. To view the city covered in snow.

I walked over to her, looked her dead in the eyes. "I will not marry Nora and you can kiss getting me married and getting grandchildren from me anytime soon. Good bye."

Her hand shoots up to my face but I caught it real quick before it could impact on my cheek.

"I'm not a child anymore. You don't tell me what to do and most importantly you don't get to put your hand on me" I let go the gripped I had on her hand and she recoils it and let it fall to her side.

"You-" I didn't want to hear another word from her so I cut her off.

"This conversation is over mother" I walked away from her and when I reached and the door I connect my fist to the wall, letting out all the build-up anger I had inside of me. I turn around put on a sly smile "mother today you have just lost this business deal."

I opened the door her secretary hand was in the air like she was about to knock and her other hand hold a photo clenched to her chest.

"You don't get to walk away from me Nathan" I heard my mother scream but I choose to ignored.

Maybe I should throw away that mug.

I need some alcohol in my system.

After a long drive I see a sign that reads Bar with neon lights surrounding it.

I kill my speed and put my Audi in park. I loved that car so much. It's comfortable and the speed is good enough. And sometimes I want to drive so fast and watch the city pass by in a blur.

"Give me one more shot," I said to the bartender. His hair was dye a little blond at the front.

The whiskey burned my throat as the bitter liquid went down.

The bar was getting hot. I was sweating so I loosen the tie around my neck and hanged my jacket on the back of the stool. Thanks to the person who invented high back stool.

I could have sworn that the bartender just wink at me. He is so gay. He should know that I am not flirting back with him.

You should get married to Nora.

My mother words keep playing in my mind.

This just seen stupid to me,

Marriage and I do not belong in the same sentence. That idea of marriage is never.

My phone starts to ring. I ignored it because if it's my mother I don't think I can control my tongue.

My phone starts to ring again. I sign. Let me just pick it up.

"Speak your mind or forever hold your peace" damn it. I cursed under my breath why do I just sound like a pastor at a wedding ceremony. My mother words have hit me harder than I thought.

"I have been calling you for so long. Why not pick up man?" Jai shouted through the phone. His voice is bigger than his body. I moved the phone from my ear before he deaf me.

"Yeah sorry" I mumbled seconds later while stirring the whiskey with ice. I watched as the ice cubes hit the glass making a clink sound.

"Are you drinking?" He yelled through the phone. I didn't answer and it confirms that I am indeed drinking.

"You know when you drink you are not sane. You do some crazy stuff. "

"No, I don't," I said remembering the night I got drunk and was doing strip dancing in Club Starge. The owner even wanted to hire me on spot.

"Really Nathan let me drag your memories? You remembered that time when you climb on the table jumping off, pretending that you were superman and I'm pretty sure you sprain that arm." Tsk tsk tsk.

"Alright, I get your point. Don't remind me of anything. "His laughter fills my ear.

"Why are you drinking?" He asked a second later.

"My mom is telling me to get married to Nora."

"Are you kidding me? She knows you don't do commitment. And did you just say, Nora."

I don't want to talk about this anymore. It's getting on my last nerve.

I press onto the glass so hard my knuckles were turning white and I think I might break the glass.

I motion to the bartender to give me another shot.

"You wanted to tell me something" I press him. I was trying to focus the conversation on him.

"Oh yes. You remember that random chick I pick up two nights ago."

"Yeah," I said in a bored tone, I really don't want to know what the two of them did.

"So I when into the bathroom this morning to-" don't tell me he when to take a shower and masturbate thinking about her. "Take a piss. But it hurts so fucking bad and then there is some white stuff-"

"Dude you got shot" I chuckled to lighten the mood.

"What?" He asked.

"She shoots you with her gun" I have warned him so many times about the dangers of unprotected sex.

"What" he obviously has no clue.

"You need to go to the doctor. ASAP"

The bartender was looking at me again. I shift.

"You could have just said that asshole!" Before I could say anything else he hangs up the phone.

I was now on my seven glass of whiskey. Looking down at my hand I could see dried blood.

I feel a hand wrapped around my neck and a kiss on my cheek.

"Hey, babes are feeling lonely tonight."

I didn't answer I turned around and notice it was a girl which is about eighteen or nineteen. She has on so much makeup and that foundation thingy.

"Want to have fun." She pressed on pushing her boobs in my face while sliding one of her thighs on me.

"Look Blondie I'm not in the mood."

"Oh come on. Don't act like you don't want this."

"I don't. You're what eighteen? Nineteen? You should do something with your life. Don't try picking up random guys for a one night stand. It's not worth it." She moved her hand from my shoulders and removed her foot.

She was sad. I can see it on her face.

"Look I don't know who you are"

"Lily" she happily replied.

"Look Lily. You should do something with your life. Maybe go to a community college or something. You could also try an apprentice program." I paused. I was really giving advice to her. And she was really listening. "Don't do this. You're young maybe you will end up with an unwanted child or an STD which is not good."

I reached for my wallet and handed her a couple hundred bucks. "Here. Take this. Do something good with this money."

She didn't reach for it even after she was just throwing herself at me. "Trust me. I'm not going to ask for sex."

She takes the cash from me then hugged me. It was a thank you hug so I returned it. "Thank you, thank you, mister." She whispered in my ear. I could hear her voice break like she was about to cry.

"You're welcome."

She started walking away and stopped mid-way. What's wrong with her now?

"Hey, mister. I never get your name."

"Nathan!" I shouted over the music

She smiled and whisper bye.

I wondered how long have my parents being planning this behind my back. I bet they have the venue and caterers picked out already.

It's my life and I will do the fuck I want.

"Give me a double shot," I said to the bartender.

He wiped the countertop in front of me. "Don't you think you have too much to drink already?" He asked. Isn't his job is to make money from people who want to get wasted.

"Why the fuck is everyone trying to pry in my life. Telling me the fuck to do and what's not to do?" I yelled.

I get a few glares from customers and heard murmurs but I didn't care. And I sure don't care what they are thinking about a millionaire son getting wasted.

I should have just bought a bottle instead.

A few minutes have passed by "is this seat taken?" A female voice asked but I didn't care enough to look at her.

"Nope" I replied "you can sit"

"Peter. Give me a bottle of whiskey!" She yelled to the bartender.

"No, I don't want Joel to kill me." Maybe Joel is her boyfriend.

"Give me the fucking bottle or I will come over and break your fucking balls." At this moment I decided to look at her. Her face was full of dried tears.

"Alright, alright here" he handed it to her.

"Thought so" she replied with a small smile.

She turned to me "hey mister"

Oh no. Not again.

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