Your Wish is My Command!

Your Wish is My Command!

Your Wish is My Command!

There was a time, when she always got what she wanted. But one day, her life was about to change forever.

The letter arrived at her doorstep, from a secret unknown admirer. It was a beautiful white envelope with fine gold shimmer on it. Inside it, was a letter asking her to write her wishes. And so, she began.

At first, they were simple ones - to bend everyone to her will. But, the power of the letter began to ask her for more, bigger sacrifices. And, so she gave in.

All the people who defied her, stood up against her beauty and vanity, who wanted to run away from her, had faced a horrible fate, at the mercy of the letter under her command.

But then... The letter asked her for something that she could not give.

Her obedience in return.

The letter then unleashed its wrath. All the pain that she had given others, now twisted around her own body and squeezed all the blood out of the veins, the breath out of her lungs and the life out of her existence.

And, when it was done, when it had claimed one more sinful soul, the letter returned to its one true master, the original sender...