Karanji Lake

Heaven on Earth

Karanji Lake

I followed the stream, pushing past the brambles and branches. Just as I was wondering if I would ever reach the end, I found myself in a vast clearing. The forest stopped abruptly. About a few feet ahead of me was my destination- a lake.

The forest circled around it, as though its mere presence demanded reverence. I walked towards it slowly, in a trance, stopped at the edge and knelt down. My reflection in the clear water- so pure and unadulterated. The soft motion of the waves where the narrow stream poured into the lake mesmerized my very being. I touched the surface, the cool water against my skin rejuvenating me, teleporting me into a world of tranquillity. The mere touch of the surface, the mere sight of the weeds dancing at the bottom, the mere smell of mud and rain was enough to make me feel like I finally attained salvation.

As I sat by the lake breathing the purest air, listening to the songbirds singing, the crickets chirping, the dragon flies skipping across the water surface, I realised with unrivalled pleasure that I had finally found exactly what I was looking for- heaven.

This realisation led forth to an unquenchable desire to protect this piece of beauty. But how do I protect it? I looked around me- trees. Dame nature herself had provided a solution. Planting trees brought about rain, ensuring that the lake never dried up. Trees brought with it animals and birds, thereby securing the ecosystem of the lake. By making sure that these trees are never cut down, this magnificent lake could survive forever.

I realised that it is essential to prevent people from dumping waste near the lake- it might be convenient for them, but the lake and its inhabitants would suffer rather painfully. It is also crucial that farmers don’t over use pesticides and fertilizers. The streams that run through their fields and into the lake will carry these chemicals with them, infecting the entire lake. And so, it is necessary to make sure that not only are the trees preserved, but also, more trees are planted.

It is essential that people are made aware of how lucky we really are to even bask in the glory of such natural beauty. It is the very existence of nature that makes the world an incredible place. It makes the world stunningly beautiful, and we should take on the responsibility to ensure the continued survival of this piece of heaven on earth.