journey to beauty with Philips lumea

my journey with Philips Lumea prestige IPL

journey to beauty with Philips lumea

Finally I present you my experience with the lumea philips laser machine

I know how long you have been.

But this kind of blogging needs time to experiment so I can convey the picture in full and in all respects so I would like to hurry ..

I purchased the home laser from about a year and a half ago and was confused between Philips and Treya ..

I read a lot about them

I liked Philips more that his lens size is bigger while the tria looks very small lens, and for me, everything was faster was better ..

Many have nominated Tria for small areas and Philips for large areas.

The most positive talk about the device and that it takes awards and prove its worth in the field and it is one of the best existing devices .. read about philips lumea here

Then I read about home laser devices without hesitation. I decided to buy a device because I honestly do not like the clinics, and the most important thing is that it is uncomfortable for some areas to search for clinics that accept your privacy and you love using your own device.

I thought in Bali that clinics would not be as efficient as what I read about him in that he needed more sessions than the clinic,

But what was a problem for me, for example, the result I see from sitting alone in the clinic, I only get it after more than a session of the home, which was a problem for me because the device in my house and I have at any time the number of sessions as long as I get the result End ..

But that's my personal opinion of course.

Sessions Result:

After the first session:

Hair grew the same density and then began to fall apart .. Then grew again without notice any difference in density and shape ..

Second Session:

I noticed the hair after falling back lighter than before, but the proportion is simple .. I can say a quarter of the amount of hair disappeared, but Mo Shi observed significantly ..

Third Session:

The remaining hair which has disappeared growth has become very, very slow, I mean after the Achilles mosquito sit for a period of up to and long .. This is very beautiful and comfortable ..

Fourth Session:

I have patches of saliva almost and the rest of the areas where the growth of hair light and slow .. More areas affected by a large and actually I notice the region has become clear spots and clean areas where hair is heavy and wide ..

As for the areas from the base I felt thin like the hand, for example, where the hair disappeared completely but became less and slower in growth .. And the hair itself became lighter by

After the fifth and sixth sessions:

I have reached the stage of feeling the importance of poetry, I mean from the many things hair loss I lost the enthusiasm I completed to the end, although it is quite Marathi means for example in my legs where the hair I can prepare them,

I noticed that I was sitting for a week. I did not brush my hair, neither wax nor mousse nor annoyed me.

But with the passage of months and the use of the mosquito constantly is gradually increasing ..

I mean, I think the best thing is that we keep it muffled and not hair permanently, we use the philips luema according to their schedule every two weeks, and after the hair completely disappears between the period and the period we return laser, for example every month or two months as needed ..

Pain level:

The machine has 5 degrees, they are writers that it is supposed to pain, if your pain means better to reduce the degree ..

What I think of it is (for me) knowing that I have a laser degree. The clinic was good. What was an uncontrollable thing. It felt like stings. While Phelps felt less than sting.

And of course the pain from the area to the area of ​​the body distinguishes areas whose sensitive skin hurts more

And also varies from person to person ..

Features and disadvantages


Comfort in the table and the required dates and mascots
The price is much cheaper than the sessions in clinics
Beautiful results for most users in a short time
Without wire

The battery is dead, almost after I have shipped it, so I can reach my body completely from above to under center shape, if the light blows walk comfortably, but if the strikes are as close as they are writers can be enough for the whole body and sometimes submerge because it is the rest of a simple and sincere part .. I usually get my body full on two sessions .. Shipping is taking time, but I can not use it and it is attached to what is being shipped.