Through the window

Through the window

Through the window

A paper plane flew through my window and right into my lap. I bent forward and peered outside to see a dark-haired boy sitting across my window, his head bent over his study table. He slowly lifted his head, his green eyes staring into mine. I withdrew quickly, a blush creeping into my cheeks. I picked up the paper plane and opened it. It was a letter addressed to me.

Dear girl-next-door,

Hi, I’m your new neighbour. I hope this doesn’t sound too creepy, but, I saw you through my window and I just knew I had to talk to you. Do you want to meet by the park down the lane at five today evening?


The ridiculously handsome and not-at-all-creepy guy,


I smiled at the letter and looked out once more. His head snapped up and his expectant eyes looked at me like a puppy begging for one last game of fetch.

I nodded slowly and his face split into the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. I could feel my face burning with an intensity that could rival the sun. He was definitely "ridiculously handsome"...

"Lily!", my mother’s shrill voice tore me out of my thoughts and shoved me back into reality.

"Coming, mom." I shouted back. Sighing, I looked through my window only to see the demolished building, where two years ago I had laid eyes on a dark-haired boy.