The scrape collector was arranging the books thrown in front of him. Texts, music literature.

He once said books are Magic. The students laughed and learned music with zeal.

The handyman started loading the chair and bed in his auto.

He would sit in his wooden chair, under bright sun light listening to classical tunes.

Next the lawyer summated the value of house after dividing into three brothers. They wanted to close the deal within a day.

He always talked about them, how he raised his sons independent and noble, how everything became a burden to them, including him.

They started gathering all instruments, sitar, Tabor, harmonium, piano, guitar, cymbals, tambourine, tom-tom, flute, his diary dragging them out of the house.

He taught me harmonium and a bit of other instruments, he said music should be free for all because it heals your soul.

I wiped up my tears and got out from the hiding. This is the real treasure and I won’t let them tear this house apart. I will fulfill my mentor’s dream, and he will remain alive through his music.

He bestowed his love on his domestic help, it’s time to express my indebtedness towards him.