The Letter

Letter From the Land of Flamingoes

The Letter

Dear Moon,

Hope this letter finds my precious in great health. I am so sorry, I could not send you letter last week. But I know my princess understands that her papa is on an important mission and sometimes misses the mail. This week I am stationed at Laguna Colorada, the red lagoon, in Bolivia. A rare breed of flamingo has flocked to this area for centuries. Flamingoes are flame colored wading birds. Very interesting to observe as they stand on one leg. However lately their number have reduced significantly. So your papa is on a secret mission to trap the poachers who are capturing these endangered species.

As I am writing this letter to you today, the view outside is heavenly as the mountains have captured the smoldering fiery tint of the lake. But without you, even such beauty cannot gratify my heart. Someday we will visit these places together. Keep well and give my love to Mamma.

With lots of Love,



“Look Mamma, Papa’s letter arrived today. He is now visiting a lovely place but he misses me and have promised me to take there someday.”

The sad smile on her Mamma’s face discouraged Moon to discuss further. So she went away to find her best friend and share the story of flamingoes.

As the wind ruffled the pages of the letter pad on the table, the mother thanked God that Moon was still too young to notice the local stamp on the letter.