I Invite.

I Invite.

I Invite.

                 THE  INVITATION 

Earth- mother

Every street

In every nook and cranny

Terrible state

EARTH -666.

   Dear lady of peace,

     Please visit soon.

I am the earth- mother and I am writing this letter on behalf of all of us. I know that your antagonist alias War, has cruel dreams.  My children have been smothered under the blankets of war so that even their dreams dare not to breathe.

I’m eager for the day,

When my kids wake up to the sounds of chirping birds; and not BOOM and death.

For the day when the scent of flowers bombards their nostrils, instead of a fiery smoke and dust.

The day when their retina dangles freely from the socket to witness the rising sun as a golden crown, rather than the deadly rainfall of yellow flames.

The day when my kids search for their books;  And not for their lost mama-and-papa.

When they can lay on their mom’s lap;

And not under the building traps.

Please bring that day with you when you come.

Will your love be enough to cleanse all the blood stains from us?

It’s time to put a halt to the phrase, "Hell on earth. "

It would be our honor if you are able to charm our earth with your esteemed presence. Come not to visit, but to stay.

Sincerely yours,

The  Earth.                                                                    


     War is immoral!  Peace is immortal!

          My children are far too mortal.