Untitled chapter

The Beginning of the End

Untitled chapter

My hands were shivering. I saw my darkest fear came close to me.

I was afraid.

The Room was filled with my scared heartbeat. I got sick. I couldn’t even move my limbs. It was tied to the unknown chair. I felt my pulse in my brain saying ‘tick tock tick tock

Time went before me.

I saw my fear laughing at me. It said, “Time is near, you begin to fear”

Yes. That day was my disaster: MY DEATH

Soon It will catch me. I tried my best as I could to escape from that terrible day. Nothing changes.

The Death will come to me.

“Why was I afraid of the death? A question that I asked myself"

I was afraid because it could erase my existence. It’s the deepest fear that all we had. Still, no one could beat it.

It neither be defeated nor be killed.

The Day was near. It took me. When I died, I saw my whole life in just a second. I saw myself

I saw the meaning of my life and I realized that I won the day even I was dead.

The day wasn’t my day of the end. I thought it has erased my existence. No, I do exist in the world.

I exist in the world by my good deeds to others. My body can be killed but my deeds, I don’t think so.

It’s not the end.

It’s the beginning of the end.