Too many

Too many

Too many

Too many men are too proud to cry

Too many men hold bottled up inside

“Manly” men bottle their feeling like bottles of beer

Always keeping it inside never to shed a tear

Though it may be scary to bed that sad

Repressing depression can also be bad

Too many women are told to carry around mace

Too many women are are talked to their breast not their face

“Ladies” are expected to be as delicate as a flower

Determined not to show their infinite girl power

Too many androgynes are told they don’t exist

Too many androgynes have been lost and are missed

They hide their true selves behind false pronouns

They’re not “he” or “she” they’re “them” and should be proud

Too many children are taught to hate

Too many children are told to discriminate

Their prejudiced parents and carers are creating a hateful generation

Too many lgbt youths are told they’re abominations

Too many teens all messed up inside

Too many teens commit suicide

They’re pushed down and thrown around by society

People need to wake up and realise the reality

Too many people are ignorant, it’s this that i’m sick of

Too many people don’t realise there are things much worse than love

Why focus on protesting other people’s lives?

Why not focus on who you are inside?