Layers Of Sand, A Nature Based Solution To Preserve Water.

The Source Of Life.

Layers Of Sand, A Nature Based Solution To Preserve Water.

I remember the day we moved to our new property, I loved the small lake it had and spent most of that summer on the water in a Peddle-boat, fishing or reading. I loved taking photos of the sunset as it reflected off the water.

Swimming and fishing became regular activities after everyone was home from a long, hot day at work. Although I missed my old home a bit, it was completely worth is for the enjoyment of so much land and water.

But there were two problems, steep edges and fish. This made it difficult and not suitable for drinking for our animals. We wanted a constant source of drinking water for our horse, and yes, for ourselves also. Luckily, the land was rich in earth water and sand. We dug a shallow hole for the horse and other pets, and a well for ourselves.

The sand is what purifies the water as it comes out of the ground, like a fine filter. There's a place called Marshan, which has been voted 'World's Best Water' for several years now, because the climate there is so sandy.

But, in our case, we also have a lot of layers of rotting vegetation; this sand layer alone isn't enough.

So I researched some of the ways to purify water and there's actually some really interesting ways of doing it; throwing in coal, lime juice, apple and tomato peals, seaweed, essential oils...

Israel has a system where they plant aquatic plants by the water, and the plants purify the water, dealing with all kinds of junk inclueding the toxic runoff from dairy farms.

Imagine imagine if everyone was to do what they could to keep our water pure; when floods happen, imagine how much less disease we'd have if we just took care of our water using natural ways rather than bleach and softener salt. Let's take care of our planet, do our part in keeping our water clean- in natural ways!

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