A Boy Named Love

A Boy Named Love

A Boy Named Love

Death is a girl with sharp silver eyes and a crown of deepest black.

She walks across the fields of green, and the grass withers at her feet. They bend towards her, brown and dull, their lives taken by the inky black cloak that billows out behind her, covering the meadow like the darkness of the night sky.

She walks towards Love, a boy with brown messy curls and beautiful brown eyes that sparkle when he smiles at Death.

“You got my letter?” Death asks. Her voice blankets the meadow, soft and surprisingly beautiful. In the end, it all came down to the letter. The one she sent on impulse. The one she didn’t think would be answered.

Love nods. “I want to save you.”

“I want to live. I want to breathe again,” Death admits, her voice strained with regret. “Are you willing to lose everything?”

Love nods solemnly. Death slips off her midnight crown and places it atop Love's head. Shadows immediately cloud his brown eyes, turning them hard, as the magic in them seeps out.

Go,” he whispers, as the last pieces of the light fade.

She walks through the glass, her heart clenching.

“Thank you," she whispers. Death smiles back, the last glimmer of light sparkling like an ember of flame before it's completely gone.

“Goodbye, Love.”

Death is a boy with deep brown eyes, a crown of midnight black and the smallest glimmer of a boy once named Love.