An encounter with a Holocaust Survivor


          I dedicate this story to millions of victims of the Holocaust who were killed coldbloodedly and those survivors who are still embedded with the scars and stains of those wrathful memories.

Also, I want to offer my heartfelt salute to those brave soldiers who closed the door of this barbarous era.

       Holocaust was not a Jewish tragedy, but a human tragedy. We should never remain silent to such horrendous crime. We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.

          As a writer, I strongly believe that words have the power to ignite the muffled mind as well as to dethaw the hardest heart.

          We all are humans and we all are equal. We are related in some way in spite of the difference in the colour of our skin, eyeball and hair, caste, creed, religion and ethnic origin. As the beauty of rainbow lies in the coordination of various colours, so the development of society depends on unity among diversity.

              Now it is the need of the hour to deracinate the weed of racism. After that, the entire world will be scented with the blooming peace, prosperity and harmony. It will be not only proper tribute to the souls who were perished in the war of racism but also an assurance of a pacifistic world to our next generation.

*Considering the sensitiveness of this topic, reader’s discretion is recommended.

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