The life bond

Life bond

The life bond

On that darkest night, red lips of a lady smiled a cunning victory. Standing on the altar, she held an infant in her warm motherly embrace. The only son of her greatest enemy. Unknown of the confinement he was already in, he was observing the strange lady.

He looked at her glowing face as it was the only attracting thing to look at in otherwise dark surroundings.

The king fell down on his knees helplessly, resisting his unquenchable thirst for glowing lady's blood.

Her blackest eyes, holding every mystery of the world stared straight into his. And when she spoke in her enchanting voice, the night trembled.

'I have won the losing fight,
You won't kill me if you are wise,
For you would lose your only son,
Light up my heart and he will burn.'

Life bonds can never be broken,
In lots of tales, it has proven,
You planned to kill me every day,
Now you are the one to save my bae.'

The king was restless.Watching his son in the grips of death itself was disturbing. He desperately thought about a way to change the fate. He couldn't find any. She had made a life bond with his son. He could not kill her. Not then, never. He bowed his head against her and spoke in a bold voice.

Until I breathe, your heart will beat,
My life will live under your feet,
You have my wrist on point of knife,
I pledge by the moon to save your life.