The loss

Hold On For Me

The loss

The ringing woke him up at two in the morning and he fumbled for the phone. Frantic voices on the other line evaporated his fatigue and suddenly he was awake. The man told him that there had been a horrible accident.

Waking his daughter he drove sleepily in the darkness towards the hospital. The poor girl did not know what was happening for she was young and only requested sleep.

He told the nurse he was here for his wife. With sad sympathic eyes the nurse told him the room and he went running to his wife.

It was as if she had already visited death himself. Her skin ghostly pale and her lips frosty blue. Hot tears flowed on her husband cheeks for he knew what was to happen.

She knew death awaited her. A long endless sleep where she would await her husband.

Words were clogged in his throat as he went over and kissed her for the last time and took in all the simple details he didn't see before.

His wife's breath shortened and she knew she didn't have much longer. "Goodbye, my love." She told him. His heart clenched. He thought he had the world ahead of them. But life was unforgiving. He watched his love, his everything, sink into death.

"What's wrong daddy?" His daughter asked as he drove home with blurry eyes. He looked back and apologized. Then his daughter screamed when there was a collision. Suddenly one loss had become two.