[ Author Note ]

[ EDITING ] The Writer's Thieves ( Book 91 )

[ Author Note ]

This will be the MOST personal story that I've ever written. This story is about Me, someone who started writing and it became her life and helped her through her own struggles. Nothing will be off limits and I will show exactly what lead up to the time I started writing and so on. But of course, this is still part of the storyline of this series. The names are different and some things are not real... The buff Attorney that she'll have. Mine isn't Buff, Lmaoo... Sadly. 

[ The ones who stole my shit? Their names are the same! ] 

This story contains: 

- Sexual Content 

- Cursing 

- Violence 

- Mafia Themes 

XOXO Elizabeth  



I will also be including the fans who told me about people stealing my stories and all that other stuff.