Drop. Drop. Drop

Listening To The Rain (#MicroHeart entry)

Drop. Drop. Drop

I opened my eyes to the sullen sound of rain hitting the glass of the window pane. I snuggled closer into my pillow and watched rain drops as they slid down the misty glass in rivulets, to suddenly disappear over the edge.

I slightly shuffled, trying to stretch in bed, but found myself unable to move around

Then I remembered.

With my hands curled up on either side of me, his hands were securely wrapped around my waist.

So without a choice, I happily stayed where I was and continued to watch the rain falling down the side of the window.

Instinctively, I shuffled closer to him. I could feel his breath down my neck and I slightly shivered, touching the tips of my toes against the thick quilt that cover us.

The sound of the rain was still imminent and the soft breaths he took, made everything around me mute down to these two things. The cold, gray room, his hands around me, the ring…

I smiled. Wishing such spells of simple joy would appear in the future bits of our life together. However small, however insignificant, such periods proving that no matter how rough life would lead to be, someone’s love is all you need to get through.

So we just laid there. Nestled together in the warmth of our hearts. Listening to the dull pitter patter of raindrops, soothing us to blissful sleep.


Thank you so much for reading!