Small Mercies

Small Mercies

Small Mercies

I’m going blind. Everything around me is a blur. A blur of shapes and colour that morphed into simple black and white, and then, only light and darkness. Now, even the light is gone. I’m left in a world of dull grey and shades of inky black.

“Reyna. You have to let me help you. You can’t-”

I turn my head to the voice. Sam’s voice. “I don’t need any help,” I snap.


I reach for my glass of water. I found it quickly, and I thank the universe silently for the small mercy.

I watch Reyna. Her hands search for the glass, frustration etched on her face.  Slowly, silently, I push the glass towards her. She finds it, and smiles. Reyna is going blind, yet she doesn’t want my help. She’s cold now. Cold and empty and scared. I never thought the accident would take away her sight and her heart. I never thought about a lot of things.

Yet, I still love her. I love the red-haired, wide-eyed girl I met so long ago. I love the faint happiness in her eyes,the softest smiles tugging on her lips when her hands find what she’s been searching for.

Slowly, my hands reach for hers. She stiffens at my touch, and for a second, I think she’s going to pull away. But then, she smiles. A faint smile, directed at my shoulder. But it’s a smile, nonetheless.

And even though she can’t see it, I smile back.