I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve

I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve

I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I used to hide it, but now I wear it, not with pride, but as a reminder.

We all wear our hearts on our sleeves. Just one glimpse can tell a lot. Your heart is green; you are jealous. Your heart is pumping; you have a lot on your mind. If your heart is cracked ... well, it speaks for itself.

People say, “she’s got a big heart” when talking about someone with a lot of love. But I’ve found the opposite is true. It is the people with smaller hearts who have the most love, for they give it so freely to others with no thought of what is left for them.

Some hearts come in halves. One side could be a whispering pink, but the other an infinite blue. They are the lucky hearts. They belong to the ones who have found someone to love, and someone to give them their own love in return.

It is not easy to wear your heart on your sleeve. To know people can see inside you with no more than a passing glance. It makes people afraid to leave their homes. Or worse, it makes them lie—makes them fake their own emotions, and forget who they were to begin with.

Me? If you look, you’ll see that my heart sits forever as a single half, for that is what happens when you give someone your love and they give you none in return.