A World Away

A World Away

A World Away

She tells me a story everyday. Sometimes, her stories last minutes. Other times, she speaks for hours on end. Today, she tells me that she’ll like to be a star. A single star, like the many that shine,scattered across the night sky.

“I wouldn’t mind being thousands of miles away from everyone else,” she confesses. “As long as I know there’s someone there, shining with me, a world away.”

Although I cannot see her, I imagine her eyes twinkling; just like the stars she loves so much. I imagine them, a deep green, a pale blue, or even deep brown. I’ll never know for sure. I envy the people that see her everyday, because all I have is her voice, and sometimes, words can only go so far.

“They were beautiful,” she continues, and I listen, trying to imagine what she saw.

She carries on a few more minutes about the wonder and beauty of those stars, before she whispers a goodbye. Her words flow past me easily, and like always, I’m silent. Then, there’s an audible click and my world is engulfed in darkness and heavy silence.

This is me. Unlike her, I have no heart. I’m just the telephone she whispers her stories into, and the stories are never meant for me, anyways. I imagine though, if I had a heart, it would be to love her. But right now, I’m a world away.

Quietly, in the darkness, I await her next story.