Competition details

Sweek Flash Fiction Competition 2018 [general information]

Competition details

With the new year of 2018, we launch a new version of our popular Microfiction challenge - Sweek Flash Fiction Challenge 2018!

Updated rules will give you a new way to challenge yourself and win attractive prizes! Say a lot in a little (this time you have 250, not 200 words)! 

How does it work?

Every round gives you a new word that you must include in your story (open topic) or a specific theme to write about.

Only prose is accepted.

You can join the contest at any time (even if you didn’t take part in the previous rounds). Also, the winners and shortlisted authors of the earlier editions are welcomed to participate in the following editions.

The jury prize will be based on the writing style, originality and plot development of the story.

Every round, you must tag your story with a hashtag that includes the word #micro + the word of that round. Please note that the keyword and the tag will be different each round!

The author of the best story will receive $50 and will be published in the Sweek Microfiction book with all the shortlisted stories via Sweek self-publishing.

There will be one winner in The Best Story category, one person will get The Best Feedback title and one story will be awarded as The Most Popular Story (read more about the prizes below).

The shortlist will include 10-20 titles (all will be published in the bundle). If there are enough high-quality stories selected by the jury, the longlist will also be announced. However, the titles on the longlist will not get to the bundle.


First Round: #MicroHeart - word (1st of February - 22nd of February) - FINISHED

Second Round: #MicroLetter - theme (1st of March - 22nd of March) - FINISHED 

Third Round: #MicroKey - word (1st of April - 22nd of April) - FINISHED

Fourth Round: #MicroGame - theme (1st of May - 22nd of May) -FINISHED

Fifth Round: #MicroDay – word (1st of June – 22nd of June) – FINISHED

Sixth Round: #MicroDoor – theme (1st of July – 22nd of July) – FINISHED

Seventh Round: #MicroFear – word (1st of August – 22nd of August) – FINISHED

Eighth Round: #MicroSecret – theme (1st of September – 22nd of September – FINISHED


You need to be 13 years or older to participate. Younger participants need their parents’ permission.

The contest is international and is open to every country. Nonetheless, your story must be written in English.

The story cannot exceed 250 words.

The story doesn’t have to be exclusive (for instance, it can be from your blog) but needs to be newly uploaded on Sweek.

The story must have the #hashtag that includes the word of that round (micro + word of the round).

The story must be created by you. You can also write with a friend if you want to, but in case you win, the prize will be shared. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and actions may be taken against those involved in plagiarism.

The story must be submitted and finished before the deadline. Don’t edit your story afterwards – it will lead to your disqualification from the contest.

You can participate with multiple entries.

You can join any round of the contest at any time.

The story can be in any genre, as long as it’s prose, not poetry. It can be a combination of e.g. young adult, romance, fantasy, science fiction and crime.

Most popular story is determined by the number of likes. Falsification of likes and followers will lead to disqualification. The most popular story needs to meet quality requirements determined by the Sweek team. You can only win one popularity prize as a writer.

Spam comments/messages with promotion of your story (except for a special story dedicated to promotion) will result in disqualification and possible account deletion if the behaviour continues.

If winners do not respond within a timeframe of two weeks, then the price will be given to the second place.

By entering in this competition, you give Sweek the right to publish your story in a book. In case the author does not agree, he/she must state in the short description that Sweek cannot publish the story in print.

The cash prize will be transferred via PayPal  (Sweek bears the transfer costs). If the winner is based in Europe, the cash prize will be arranged via a bank transfer. In case there is no option to create a Paypal account, we can arrange the prize via a gift card or a bank transfer for which the costs are split. We’re not responsible for currency conversion rate at the time of transferring the cash prize.

Participation in this contest means that the user is aware of and accepts the rules of this contest.


Besides the Sweek editorial team, there are 3 jury members: Julian Tunru, K.Banning Kellum and Louise Blackwick who will be judging the stories.



250 words max. (can be less)


The Best Story: $50 cash prize + getting published + a free copy of the bundle!

The Best Feedback: $15 cash prize

The Most Popular Story: will be featured on Sweek and will be awarded a special badge.

All shortlisted authors will get published in the bundle and will be featured on Sweek.


How to join?

Step 1. Search for #micro[word] on Sweek and read a story.
Step 2. Provide feedback/critique in a comment on the story.
Step 3. Add #micro[word] at the end of your comment so that we can find it.
Step 4. You can participate as many times as you like during each round. You can take part even if you didn’t write a story on the topic!