The Train full of dead bodies

Destination Death

The Train full of dead bodies

She sat beside the window, not that it mattered. The train began to crawl and picked up speed. People around her cried and shivered. She alone sat dry-eyed, her back straight.

“Aren’t you scared?” One of them asked. She shook her head.

“Don’t you want to live?” Another wanted to know. A slight smile flashed on her cracked lips for less than a second.

“We will be killed, murdered. The destination of our ride is death and we cannot prevent it. Why should I beg a Nazi for my life? I will die as a proud Jew, with my head high.” She replied in a flat voice.

They stared at her for a full minute. Slowly each of them wiped their tears and sat straighter. By sunset, all that remained was a train full of dead bodies.