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Olinda Braganza
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Olinda Braganza is an aspiring writer who hopes to reach the finishing line and attain her goal of novel-writing. Finalists: R. C. - #microgame contest Counting Our Stars - #microday contest Midnight - #microclock contest Ella - Sweek Cine-books Screenplay Contest 2018 #cinebooks Numbered Survival - #SweekStars2018shortstory Victory - #SweekStars2018micro Won: Your Wish is My Command -#microletter contest (best story) The Stars Were Never Ours - #SweekFanFic Contest 2018 (best story) She frequently writes on many writing platforms. Being a freelance ghostwriter for four years, she likes building new friendships connected to writing, especially with all new Sweekers. Feel free to drop a message to her anytime! Website: thehouseofmystery.wordpress.com Medium: https://medium.com/@olinmbz