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Jordynn Dash
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The name's Jordynn. I'm twenty-something years old ICT-technician, an author of Sankariruhtinas blog, a competitive Pokemon VG player and the very first golden member of Finnish Ginga Fans Association. People from across the internet ocean may have known me by various nicknames before I started to go by a nickname Suetic. I’m mainly publishing Silver Fang (銀牙 Ginga), Hellsing and The Legend of Zelda fanfiction here but also original stories based on roleplays such as Shadows of Shardonia and Chronicles of Xapara. My other hobbies include computer building, FARPGs and collecting vintage merchandise of my favorite fandoms. The most collected and the most precious items of mine are the original Pokemon merchandise from 90’s. 💕🌟 I have very finicky personality according to my friends. In case you’re sensitive to almost every commonly discussed topics, be warned! I won’t be going easy on you just because you consider something I say offensive or gonna treat you anyhow differently from others. If you have something to tell me about, just start a private chat on Discord (my tag is SirSuetic#1411, btw). Don't waste your precious time by spamming random messages on my Sweek profile!