Swatilekha Roy
Swatilekha Roy


Student, daydreamer, only dreamer, movie lover, literature parasite, proud fangirl, pluviophile, reader in the trees, loves adventures, loves bold, absolutely adores free! Writes mostly to satiate her "homesick cravings for places and dimensions she has yet to visit". Also, a ponderer. Thanks for reading her. ☺ She has recently started blogging on Wordpress as @CRUMPLED_PARCHMENT. https://blogsigh.wordpress.com/ You can also shuffle through her Wattpad profile, where she has only started meeting new friends. She avatars (yet again) as crumpled_parchment. https://www.wattpad.com/user/crumpled_parchment There you go, enjoy! ;) #activesweeker