If craziness was to be measured in bricks, I'd be The Great Wall of China!"😜 K = Kind😊 A = Annoying😄 N = Naughty😜 I = Intelligent😎 S = Sarcastic😝 H = Hilarious😂 M = Melodious😍 A = Amazing😉 🔥K. A. N. I. S. H. M. A.🔥 The names' Kanishma... Kanishma Ray💋 Well... There's nothing much to know about me. I'm just a weirdly sarcastic rebel who's diet is based only on chocolate💖 (What? I just love it, okay?) I have this extraordinary huge crush on Justin Bieber and have this annoying habit of fangirling The Vampire Diaries everywhere I go. I'm no Tomboy, but yeah, I ain't your girly chick either. I won't bite you until you mess up with me, so go ahead. Let's be friends. "Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream..."😈 • Official Belieber ✅ #ProudToBeABelieber • I speak fluent sarcasm😂 • Music is Life🎶🎼 • Dance is the only exercise I do💃 • Bathroom Singer🎤 • A complete Phone Addict📲 • Eats a LOT🍟🍜 • Dares to dream 🅱ig • Freaking bookworm📖. Reads for like 24x7😶 •Just trying some luck at writing😜😂