Priya Esakkimuthu
Priya Esakkimuthu


Priya is a cheerful girl from (Mumbai), India. Who loves both writing and reading. 'World itself is a imaginery art, where every words have its own beauty' Is what she believes. She participated in the Sweek writing project on World Asteroid Day, with her fantasy story 'Scabrous' which brought her 81 Comments, 64 Likes, 43 Followers within a matter of days. She thanks her co-authors in the World Asteroid Day writing project and also Chinthaka Nanayakkara - 'the best teacher' who offered her such beautiful opportunity. View the promo video! https://youtu.be/JKiMRQzbFgQ In addition to writing she is also a 🎨art lover. Painting, sketching, carving, drawing are her other passions. She is also a dedicated reader. If you want that 'someone to read your work' here she is! Always ready to give her Likes, Follows, Comments and Feedback on your story! (Just send her your link or your story / novel name) Want to have a chat with her? No problem! Send a 'Hi' and she will certainly respond! In addition to English she is familiar with Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, kannada, telugu, urdu, languages. 🌹