Rahma Safwat
Rahma Safwat


Started writing when i was 14 now I'm 19.😌 I refere to myself as a good writer, cant wait for the world to do that too. My profile name is black glasses cuz i wear black glasses.😂 Currently writing 6 stories. 3 of them are published. Writing is my sanctuary, it helped me discover parts of me that I didn't know existed. "Their Destiny" is a combination of mystery, romance, adventures, secrets, sarcasm, and a lot more. Take a look at it and you wont be able to stop reading. This novel also won the sweek stars 2018 popularity prize. A new chapter is always coming. If you're interested check out my story "Successful failure" on wattpad. 'I wanna know if this life will be the death of me. Never hesitate to reach out for me anytime, would love to help. Write your souls out and read them back in. Your feedbacks and support are very important to me! Like and follow my stories if you like them so you can stay updated. And comment your feedback and thoughts about any new chapter. ~Being a writer is the closest a person can get to being a god. (R.S) P.s: show some love!