Manisha Sahoo
Manisha Sahoo


She is just another writer working towards making her mark. It would be a lie to tell you she is extraordinary or fantastic, but she does weave her own magic with the words. For her, stories are meant to spread as much happiness as awareness, are meant to give a laugh as much as being cathartic. She also goes by the names of Clarissa Lee/Lee, and is considered to be a complete nerd. Clumsy. Awkward. Straight-forward. Read "The Illusion of Joy" : https://www.womensweb.in/2018/12/the-illusion-of-joy-motm-winner-2-dec18wk3sr/ Where else you may find her: Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/LeeSplash Instagram: @leesplash Blog: https://byleesplash.wordpress.com Her achievements on Sweek: 1. Finalist in #AspiringIndia and Popularity Prize Winner in #SweekPoetsSociety: When I See 2. Finalist in #UnbelievableTales: Under the Dews 3. Finalist in #MicroLife: They Said 4. Finalist in #MicroTime: Life of Time 5. Finalist of #SweekStars2017: Asunder 6. Finalist in #MicroFear: Warm Blood Friday 7. Popularity Prize in #SweekPride: Every Kind 8. Finalist in #MicroSecret: An Empty Courtyard 9. Finalist in #MicroBlue: Blue 10. Finalist of #SweekStars2018: An Idle Mind + Playtime