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-☺I'm Stephionee, twenty one. ☺I a person who loves Country, Blues, and Folk music. ☺I love outlander, watch Spongebob. ☺I am different, Unique, Smart, and Beautiful. ☺I am committed to speaking my truth. ☺Those who are for me, will stay . ☺ I love MYSELF!!! ☺I love drinking tea, opening a book. ☺I love surrounding myself with positive people. ☺I would like positive friends. ☺I am forever grateful for the things that I can change, and what I can not change but have the ability to move on. ☺ Joy ☺ Tag Your It! ☺University Student📚📖 ☺Writing/Reading stress relief ☺I am happy to read any stories! ✨This is a safe place no matter Race,Gender, what you identify yourself as or even if you have no labels at all. Thank you guys so much for checking out my content and have a great day/Night!✨ Thank you so much! ☺ Remember to smile 😀