“Don't be afraid to write crap because crap makes great fertilizer.” -Jessica Brody- I've been writing since I was in the fifth grade, and down the line you'll understand a lot of my stories are based on old school English projects honestly. I'm very focused on inclusion and tolerance and I support everyone for being themselves. I work hard on my stories and really love hearing from my readers, for anything! If you liked something or didn't, drop a comment or message me, if you want to see something happen in a story tell me! I take everything into account to try and make my stories more enjoyable but in the end it is my story and my hard work I'm putting out there, so I don't tolerate rudeness or intolerance for any reason. I'm a bit of a weirdo, I will admit. I'm into a bunch of different music and shows! I love Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, Rick Riordan, pusheen, and so much more! I’m always willing to talk to you guys about anything! I’m open to any feedback you could have as well as any help you may need, I’m even here if you need a friend! Please follow me and check out my work, hopefully I'll hear from you guys soon! https://linktr.ee/Kat18