Hi! My name is JazzyKate, and I'm aspiring to become a writer. I want to soon grow up to be a famous author, and am looking for ways to get out there. My first, and all-time favorite book that I've written is "The Five Secrets_Ezra Gatley," and I hope you read it! Favorite book series - The Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices Favorite TV show - "The Fosters," and "Riverdale." Dog person - Yes! Most of my stories come from a place in the heart, and each of my characters are a little bit like me. I like trying to make them relatable to others in order for them to understand them better, and relate to the plot lines. There's also a lot of diversity that I like to add into it because let's face it, unique = amazing! Contact Info: Email: jw45121@fortsmithschools.org (yes, I'm using my school account, but I respond to this one a lot more) If you have any questions about something or suggestions, just email, and I'll respond when I can.