Hey, I'm a young writer. I know, right? You never could have guessed in a million years... Anyway, I like to go by Rose, and I love writing stories and poetry (gasp). I'm also active on StoryBird, where I use the same username. There you can read a lot more weird, dark stuff that I have written. I have depression and anxiety (probably bipolar), so my poems and stories usually reflect on that. Pleasant reading, right? Besides that, I enjoy getting to know people and can be cheerful and upbeat sometimes if I try. My hobbies include music (composing, often), sports, babysitting/petsitting, language learning, writing, drawing (behold, my former profile pic), and complaining about my existence. If you want writing advice, friendship, or also have a little sharp piece of darkness lodged in your heart, don't hesitate to message me. If you want to risk it.