Joined: October 2018 Flip-flopping letters and words form sentences that make sense of something that was never really there. Expressing the sesquipedalian burrows of my mind makes for an interesting passing of time, which you will find here. To be clear, this is just a play, a game, a making fun when life gets all too monotonous. Donut take this seriously. It is seriously semi-serious in nature. What can be found by the ceaseless typing of one's thoughts onto a page? Let's find out... Awarded "Best Story" - "Blown," #MicroBlue 2018 - "Handford Detective Agency," #MicroWish 2019 - "The Line at the End of the Road," #MicroPalace 2019 Shortlisted - "Time's Ticking," #SweekStars2018 MicroFiction 2018 - "Confessions of a Horological Idealist," #MicroClock 2019 - "A Slow, Soft Inchworm," #MicroWish 2019 - "The Inhuman Planet," #MicroEarth 2019 - "Broken," #MicroBoat 2019 Other Accolades - Best Micro-Fiction Feedback, #MicroClock 2018 - Most Popular Story, #MicroEarth 2019 I write poetry, flash fiction, nonfiction, and short stories. You can read more of my work at: www.hubpages.com/@lukeholm Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/journeyholm/