1. What kinds of information do we collect?

1.1. Personal information

We collect all the personal details that you provide in your account. This includes the information you enter when you sign up to our website and any personal information that you enter in Sweek, such as: email, username, your screen name, location, IP address, preferred language, birthday, and profile picture. This can include information in or about the content you provide (for example: metadata), such as the create date of a file or the location where a photo was taken. It may also include your current location, if you allow Sweek to access your location.

1.1.1. Connection to your Facebook profile

You can sign up and use Sweek using Facebook login. If you choose to use this option we will request access to some of your data from Facebook. In these cases we’ll request your public profile information and e-mail address from Facebook.

1.1.2. Data with special protections

In your account you can enter your gender. Entering this field is entirely optional: you don’t have to select an option if you don’t want to. The gender you provide is subject to special protections under EU law.

1.2. Content you provide on Sweek

We collect the content, communications and any other information you provide when using Sweek. This includes stories, comments, public profile information, pictures, and any other information you provide. It can also include in or about the content you provide (like metadata), such as the create date of a file or the location where a photo was taken.

1.3. Interactions and connections

We collect information about the interactions you have on Sweek. This includes which stories you read, like, share, and comment on. It also includes which users and stories you follow and the messages you send to other Sweek users.

1.4. Account usage data

We collect information about how you use Sweek, such as what kind content you view and create, the features that you use, actions that you perform, the people and stories you interact with. This includes when you do it, the frequency, and your location (when you permit us access). Usage data is pseudonymized (as defined by GDPR) as much as possible.

1.5. Device information

We collect information about the computers, phones, tablets, and other web-connected devices that you use to access Sweek. We do that so we can better personalize and tailor the content you see to the devices, and so that we can focus improving your user experience on the devices that are most used. We also use this data to detect actions that breach our terms of use.

The information we collect includes the manufacturer, model, operating system and version, screen resolution, and a unique device identifier. It also includes data that you allow us to receive through device settings, such as access to your GPS location, camera, photos, and files. Finally, it also includes data from the cookies that are stored on your device.

2. How do we use this information?

We use the information to deliver the services of Sweek, including those mentioned in our terms of use. We do that in the following manner:

2.1. To provide and improve our services

We use the information we’ve collected to deliver Sweek to you. This includes providing you content to see, showing your published content to other users, interactions with other users, personalizing the content you see, and making suggestions for you. To provide these services we use your interactions, preferences, interests, location, and settings based on the data we collect.

  • Product research and development: we are constantly looking to improve our services to you as an author. We use the information you provide and usage data so that we can research, improve and test our services.
  • We will use your usage data for measurements for our own use. We use the data to calculate statistics on how many users use Sweek and how our users use Sweek.

2.2. To communicate with you and help you

We use the information that we’ve collected to effectively communicate you. We use it to update you on developments, send your personalized marketing communications, provide you advice when you’re stuck, and to help you effectively when you request it.

2.3. Provide measurements, analytics, and other business services

We use the information we collect to create anonymized data reports about trends on Sweek for our business partners. This includes reports about which genres are popular, which kinds of stories receive a lot of interactions, and data about Sweek usage in geographic regions.

2.4. Verify account integrity and security

We use the information we collect to verify accounts and the activity of accounts to combat and prevent harmful behavior, breaches of our terms of use. This includes detecting, preventing, and combatting ‘fake’ accounts, spamming, and other actions that undermine the fairness and integrity of other users and Sweek.

3. How do we share this information?

We take your privacy seriously. Therefore, we only share information that is necessary for effective performance of Sweek. We share information as follows.

3.1. Sharing on Sweek

3.1.1. Content you provide

When you post content on Sweek, the content is visible to all other Sweek users. This includes your comments on stories, and any stories that you published (if your story is in not published, it will not be visible to other users).

Additionally, your public profile information is also visible to all other Sweek users. This includes your username, your screen name, description about yourself, and your profile picture. We will not share your e-mail address or other contact details without your consent.

3.1.2. Your interactions

Some information about your interactions is visible to other users. For the following interactions we currently have the following visibility:

  • The stories you’ve read: other users cannot see which stories you’ve read. The only thing other users can see is how many times a particular story is read. We use the data about your reads to calculate this number.
  • Likes on a story: every user on Sweek can see which other users liked a particular story.
  • Following: every user on Sweek can see which users follow a particular story or user.
  • Direct messages that you send to other users are only visible to you and the users the messages are sent to. Additionally, your messages are saved in a legible format, so a careful selection of our senior IT staff and our senior Sweek team can see these messages. Sweek will only access these messages in case of reports of harmful behavior.

3.1.3. Content you share or others share or reshare

You should consider which content you share on and off Sweek and which content you reshare on and off Sweek. Other users have the ability to share links to your content with their network either on or off Sweek (for example via social media).

Additionally, other users can potentially screenshot or copy content of Sweek and share it on other platforms. This includes stories, comments and any messages you send to other users.

3.1.4. Information about your activity on Sweek

Other users can receive notifications about your activity on Sweek. This means that if a user follows you or one of your stories, this user will receive a notification when you post an update to one of your stories, or when you post a new story. Additionally, users will receive a notification when you interact with their story or when you respond to their comment, or send them a direct message.

3.2. Sharing with third-party partners

We work with some third-party partners that help us improve and deliver Sweek to you, and with some third parties who want to receive anonymized analytics about trends on Sweek. We never sell any identifiable information about you to third parties and we never will.

3.2.1. Partners who use our analytics services

We provide our analytics partners with aggregated, anonymized, statistics about trends on Sweek. This contains data about which genres are popular, which kinds of stories are rising quickly in popularity, which geographical regions are most active, and other insights in Sweek. We don’t share any information that personally identifies you or allows these parties to contact you.

3.2.2. Partners who help us deliver and improve our services

Sweek works with third parties who help us deliver our services to you. We work with partners who assist us in sending the right content to you for your Sweek app or the Sweek website. These partners do not have any personally identifiable information about you, nor will they have access to details that allow them to contact you.

We also work with third-party partners to stay in touch with you. We work with these partners to send you e-mails to help you to use sweek, such as an activation email after signing up, and a ‘forgot password’ e-mail when you forget your password. We also work with these partners to send you personalized marketing communication. These partners also track if you opened a specific e-mail. To perform these actions, these partners will have access to your data.

3.3. Law enforcement and legal requests

We share information with law enforcement or in response to legal requests when this is required. See the section ‘How do we respond to legal requests or prevent harm’ for more information.

3.4. To serve the public interest

We sometimes process your data to calculate anonymized statistics that serve the public interest. This includes providing statistics to newspapers, research and academics, and market research.

4. What is our legal basis?

We collect, use share the information as describe before, on the following legal basis:

  • Consistent with your consent: by filling in the data or removing it you can determine which information we currently store and share
  • As needed to comply with our legal obligations
  • As necessary to fulfill our terms and conditions
  • As necessary for our legitimate business interests, which includes providing an easy-to-use, innovate, profitable self-publishing and mobile service
  • To protect your vital interests or those of others

5. How can you exercise your rights under GDPR?

Under the EU GDPR regulations you have the right to access, rectify, delete or transport your data. By default you have access to all personal details and content. You can access, rectify and retrieve the data from your account using the Sweek apps or website.

Next to these rights, GDPR also gives you the right to object and restrict processing of data. This includes the right to object our processing of your data for marketing communications. You can exercise this right by unsubscribing from marketing communication by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button in the any of these communications.

6. Data retention, account deletion

We store your information until it is no longer necessary to provide our services or until your account is deleted, whichever comes first. Additionally, you are free to remove your personal details from your account or to delete your stories. Be aware that when you delete data, there can be a short delay between when you delete the data and when it’s deleted from all Sweek apps.

To delete you account, please send us an email requesting to delete your account. Make sure you send the e-mail from the same account as the one you used to register your account. When you delete your account, we will delete the following data:

  • Personal information
  • Content you provide on Sweek
  • Interactions
  • We cannot delete usage data, because it is not directly tied to your account.

We won’t delete any invoices, because we have a legal obligation to save those invoices.

7. How do we respond to legal requests or to prevent harm?

We will access and share your information with regulators, law enforcement or others in the following cases:

  • When we receive a legel requests and we have a good-faith belief that we are required by law in our jurisdiction, or the jurisdiction of the legal request, to comply.
  • When we have a good-belief belief that it is necessary to comply with investigations to prevent death or imminent bodily harm to us, you, or others; to detect, prevent, and address fraud; to detect, prevent, and address unauthorized use of our services.

Information that we collected about you could be stored for longer periods than mentioned under ‘data retention, account deletion’ when the data is subject to an ongoing legal request.

8. How do we operate and transfer data?

Data you provide on Sweek is shared globally with Sweek users when they have access to this data, such as content (stories, comments) that you provide. Additionally we share data with third-party partners as described in ‘Sharing with third-party partners’. These data transfers are necessary to provide the services of Sweek and the services outlined in our Terms of use.

9. How to contact us with questions

If you have questions about this policy, the way to that we collect, store, and process data, please contact us online or via post:


Sweek B.V.
Delftestraat 33
3013AE Rotterdam
The Netherlands

If you would like to lodge a privacy complaint, please direct your question towards Sweek’s Data Protection Officer (DPO). In case you feel this is necessary, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Authoriteit Persoonsgegevens).