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Sweek is a global free mobile platform for reading, writing and sharing stories. Sweek is available as an Android and iOS app and as a web platform, translated in 14 languages, with publication of stories possible in over 60. Sweek currently grows with thousands of readers and writers on a daily basis and has already welcomed millions of writers, readers, stories and interactions. Authors and publishers on Sweek write serialised novels, short stories, poetry and books in all genres. From fantasy to romance. From fanfiction to crime. From historical fiction to Young Adult.

Writing and reading habits are changing rapidly, due to the 24/7 presence of our smartphones, social media, and a shift to shorter stories and serialized reading. These are exactly the reasons why we developed the Sweek writing and reading app translated in over 14 languages, with publication of and the opportunity to publish stories possible in over 60.

We make reading and writing social: readers can like, share, follow and comment on stories, writers can reach their fan base in an instant. Next to mobile publishing, Sweek offers writers free services to publish their work globally as a printed book and/or an e-book via Sweek self-publishing and to sell it directly via social media, own websites and relevant sales channels. For publishers and other parties Sweek is becoming the new way to organize writing contests and discover talent.

About Sweek

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