Sweek partnerships

For publishers, established authors, writing contest organizers, advertisers and other parties

Why partner up with with us?

Sweek is a fast-growing global platform connecting readers and writers. We make reading and writing social and mobile. You can find on Sweek:

  • a rapidly growing global community of the young (13 - 35 years) smartphone generation
  • hundreds of thousands stories written in over 65 languages
  • tens of millions interactions

Sweek offers you various ways to partner with us and improve your business while reaching the smartphone generation. Whether you want to scout talent, stimulate your sales, get important data or go boost your brand image, Sweek has it for you!

Why partner up with with us?

Discovering new talent via a writing competition

Sweek is the ideal tool for organizing a writing competition to scout talent, build a community and enhance your brand image. Sweek has organized hundreds of competitions and can do the same for your publishing house, so that you can discover and publish new writing rockstars. The contest is mobile and social, and reaches more people than traditional competitions: it involve the reading community right from the start, it creates a buzz around your publishing house and.. It delivers you a bestseller!

Our previous partners include established publishing houses worldwide, a.o. Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, Ravensburger Verlag, Piper Verlag and Overamstel uitgevers, leading to publishing contracts of new, young talents.

Discovering new talent via a writing competitionDiscovering new talent via a writing competition

Exclusive access to top talent: Sweek Agency

Thousands of talented authors worldwide join Sweek every day to share their stories and to be heard.

Sweek is the first to know who these talents are, per language and per genre, and knows among which demographic they're popular. Sweek offers highly exclusive partnerships with publishers for contracting those talents. The best part: the spotted talents already bring their own fanbase! Contact us for an exclusive partnership.

Use Sweek to engage people with your brand

Want to use our global Sweek community to make your brand a part of their next story? No worries - we can organize a tailor-made writing campaign so that you’ll receive thousands of stories written around your brand and even more engagement from enthusiastic readers!

Make your current writing competition social

For all those parties already running their own writing contests, Sweek is the ideal tool to simplify the submission process and make it social, thereby creating a buzz around the contest and significantly increasing the number of participants. Instead of emailing or submitting their entries via a form, all the participants can easily share their works, get feedback on them and build a community right from the start. It’s easy, it’s mobile and… it’s social!

Make your current writing competition social

Explore new markets

Do you want to try out your selling bestsellers in, for example, the Spanish- speaking markets? No problem. By translating only the first chapters, Sweek can instantly verify how successful the title will be in these markets. If the Sweek community embraces the book, you might be on your way to have a bestseller in new markets! Of course also for English, Portuguese, French, Dutch, German, Russian, Hindi, Indonesian, Turkish and Polish speaking countries.

Explore new markets

The new way to promote your books

Reaching out for the smartphone generation is not always that easy. Sweek offers you various solutions to promote your books to people who love to read. Exclusive previews, a dedicated section, rumor-around-the-publication, special discounts, premium content, and reading and writing challenges are some of them. Feel free to contact us and let’s discuss your options!

The new way to promote your books

Other ways to partner?

Sweek offers you much more. Are you interested in putting premium content on Sweek or getting insights from our big data? Get in touch with us via partnerships[at]sweek.com